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Hard Work Never Fails

A mentor is someone who has a genuine interest in supporting and bringing out hidden talents & abilities in a person to make him excel in his path. Being a mentor I guide labkarts team to achieve their road map by contributing new energy and technology.

Path for dream to success do exist. The thing is you need a proper vision to find it, the courage to choose it and perseverance to go through it, wishing you a great journey.


Co-Founder & Mentor

The CEOs Foreword.

When I established LABKARTS in 2017, it was a small start-up specializing in Electrochemical measuring systems for varies applications. So how did we find ourselves here in 5+ years later as a company managing a product portfolio diverse enough to cover electrochemistry, material testing, Lithium-ion battery fabrication equipment’s, Fuel cell & Solar cell system, and Environment chamber like Dry Room & Glovebox ?

According to me the answer to the questions including the sustained growth of Labkarts primarily relates to human qualities. For, since the company’s creation, we have always recruited scientists and other employees who are both curious and care genuinely about the customer’s journey. Generally, Labkarts employees have gained experience in public research or industrial environments so they are very much capable of handling difficulties that our clients go through. Subsequently, this drives us to develop long-lasting professional relationships with our partners, to better understand the problems they encounter in their research or R&D projects and develop solutions which ultimately make their lives easier and help to break down scientific boundaries.

Labkart’s pride lies in the quality and reliability of the products it designs and develops. But this is only really half the story. Because the relationships we develop with our customers once the product has been shipped from our factory are every bit as important as ground breaking product specifications, academic citations and company reputation.

Take your time to browse this site, and please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our products, or if you wish to talk to us about a project that you are currently working on, or if you just want to make some suggestions.



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