About Pouch cell :

Pouch cell uses laminated architecture in a bag.

It is light and cost-effective but exposure to humidity and high temperature can shorten life.

Adding a light stack pressure prolongs longevity by preventing delamination.

Swelling of 8–10 percent over 500 cycles must be considered with some cell designs.

Large cells work best with light loading and moderate charge times.

The pouch cell is growing in popularity and serves similar applications to the prismatic cell.

The pouch cell makes most efficient use of space and achieves 90–95 percent packaging efficiency, the highest among battery packs.

Eliminating the metal enclosure reduces weight, but the cell needs support and allowance to expand in the battery compartment.

The pouch packs are used in consumer, military and automotive applications.

No standardized pouch cells exist; each manufacturer designs its own.

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